Readers Respond

Recently we ran an article titled “Authors Respond to Disinvites from Schools” (, detailing the situations of two authors whose appearances at elementary schools were canceled by school administrators due to the books’ subject matter: heroin addiction in one case and gender transition in another. Our readers filled pages with passionate comments about this article; here are a few of them:

“While it may be true that a particular child or family for whatever reason may not be comfortable with an honest depiction of the effects of addiction, it shouldn’t stop others from access to a wonderful book like Kate’s. This school made a fear-based decision.” —Hillary Homzie

“After reading this article and reviewing the comments, I think the school made the right decision. The school has to protect itself from parents that will blame school employees and start trouble.”—Frances Laskowski

“Good schools find a way to make these books available and for parents who object to books that deal with reality to choose to opt out. This is why good public libraries are important. If you don’t want your child to read the book, don’t check it out.” —Kaye Grabbe

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