As PW recently reported, adult coloring books are still the big news in the hobbies and crafts sector, boosting unit sales in the category 133% in the first half of 2016, compared with the first six months of 2015. In this feature, we highlight new twists on the trend—birdwatching! Recipes!—and showcase a wealth of forthcoming titles. Plus we look at how coloring books and religion fit together (the answer: very well), the artsy pastimes vying to be the next big thing (dot to dot, anyone?), three publishers who are making big commitments to adult crafting, and what libraries with makerspaces would like to see from craft publishers. So grab your crayons and safety scissors, and read on.

Color Me Compartmentalized: Hobbies & Crafts 2016-2017
Publishers expand on the coloring trend—by narrowing their focus.

Coloring Books for Adults: Hobbies & Crafts 2016-2017
A selection of new and forthcoming titles.

Coloring for the Soul: Hobbies & Crafts 2016-2017
Religion and spirituality publishers have faith in the coloring book trend.

Coloring Outside the Lines: Hobbies & Crafts 2016-2017
Publishers looking for the next big thing in crafting are trying dot to dot, stamping, sketching, and more.

First Impressions: Hobbies & Crafts 2016-2017
Publishers are starting new imprints and lines in response to the crafting boom.

Better Makerspaces: Hobbies & Crafts 2016-2017
Libraries look to publishers for help building their makerspaces.