Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 81 self-published titles below. Each appears with a list of retailers that are selling the book and a description provided by its author. Some of these writers are waiting to be discovered; others have track records and followings and are doing it on their own. If you are a self-published author interested in listing titles in this section, please visit for more information.


And Then There Was Swine Flu: The Diary of a Hospital Manager

Acklima Shadick. Toplink Publishing. $12.99 paper (272p), ISBN 978-1-949169-51-5


A fictional account of a week in the life of a hospital manager during the swine flu crisis.


Scott Parson. Scott Parson. $12.95 paper (271p), ISBN 978-0-9996378-1-4


Franklin, a clown hiding from romantic failure behind sarcasm and face paint, falls for a mystery woman on the run who may be the Baggy Pants Slasher, a notorious killer of clowns.

Dear Jo: Excerpts from the Bizarre Journals of Wallace Dean Prichard 1954–1987; A Novel

Ron Hellard. Amsden Publishing. $19.99 paper (474p), ISBN 978-0-9975107-1-3; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9975107-0-6


Wally gets a diary at age nine and has no idea what a confidant and adviser it will become as it chronicles his increasingly bizarre life’s journey. Only Jo knows Wally’s dark truths.

Hender Nathaniels: He Didn’t Haunt, He Taught!

Bri B. Toplink Publishing. $15.99 paper (243p), ISBN 978-1-948962-80-3


The Westlyn family experiences something unexplainable when they move into an old house in Boston.

A Life in 4:4 Time

Cheryl Hyatt. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (356p), ISBN 978-1-5245-8750-5; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5245-8749-9


A popular young video journalist is working hard for her life’s dreams. What should she do when all the things she ever wanted are suddenly available for her to take?

Minimum Payment

Paul Shona. CreateSpace. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07DKX8SWW


A tale of families ravaged by high personal debt and outsourced jobs and their courage and will to overcome the resulting adversities.

Of Metal and Earth

Jennifer M. Lane. CreateSpace. $13.99 paper (306p), ISBN 978-1-72127-153-5


Seven owners of a little green Jeep find hope, healing, and restoration through their journeys.

The Orchard Lover

Christianna McCausland. Spring Idyll Press. $12.99 paper (242p), ISBN 978-0-692-08403-8


Alden Forth was raised to believe she could never have true love. When a revivalist minister upsets the balance in her town, she must decide if love will save her or destroy her.

Private Universe

Cornelia Feye. Konstellation Press. $12 paper (224p), ISBN 978-0-9987482-0-7


This mystery and coming-of-age novel about a young woman’s spiritual quest combines art history, complex relationships, world travel, and the search for meaning.

The Republic: Traitor

R.R. Quaggiato. Xlibris. $27.59 paper (402p), ISBN 978-1-5434-0507-1; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-0506-4


Could anyone justify the murder of 100 million people if it would save an American city? The new, unelected U.S. president is left with nothing but ugly choices.

River Rat

Michael E. Oppitz. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (356p), ISBN 978-1-5434-3501-6; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-3500-9


Robbie Jaspers embraces grounded values, principles, and the simple lifestyle of a River Rat who finds and saves his life. He then becomes a River Rat himself.

Round ’bout Midnight

Trevy A. McDonald. Reyomi Publishing. $15 paper (340p), ISBN 978-0-9670712-4-4

Amazon,, Kobo

In this sequel to Time Will Tell, Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope learn that life is best lived one day at a time, with each new day starting round ’bout midnight.

The Secret Observations of Liliana Joo

S.C. McQueen. S.C. McQueen. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07FMD8532


Liliana Joo is your average teenage drama queen—with a twist. High school can be tough, but when she deals with both personal and academic life, she finds trouble to meddle in.

Sepp: America and the West

Helmut S. Helmut Schonwalder. $13 paper (266p), ISBN 978-1-973182-91-7


Spending his dollars freely to buy some happiness and living an excessive, extravagant exaggerated lifestyle puts a sudden stop to Sepp’s success.

To Caress the Air: Augustus Herring and the Dawn of Flight, Book One

C. David Gierke. Write Associates. $32.95 hardcover (766p), ISBN 978-0-9990457-3-2

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Indiebound, Indigo, Ingram, Kobo

A biographical novel that chronicles Augustus Herring’s life, achievements, ordeals, and return from adversity, stirring controversy over the origins of manned, powered flight.

To Caress the Air: Augustus Herring and the Dawn of Flight, Book Two

C. David Gierke. Write Associates. $32.95 hardcover (765p), ISBN 978-0-9990457-7-0

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Indiebound, Indigo, Ingram, Kobo

Augustus Herring experiences flying machine success and a series of catastrophic setbacks. After WWI, a lawsuit against Glenn Curtiss ends with an extraordinary, authentic quirk of fate.

The Ugly Priest

Richard Stickann. AuthorHouse. $13.99 paper (244p), ISBN 978-1-5462-4058-7


A story of deceit, vulnerability, and loss of commitment caused by a priest’s missteps with the women who haunt his life.

When Leaves Fall: A Spiritual Novel

Andres Pelenur. Raina Books. $3.99 e-book, ASIN B07BPSN5XW

Amazon, Audible

Cancer turned 38-year-old Dr. Laura McDermott’s life upside down until a chance encounter with a mysterious priest changed her life forever.


Ways of the Heart Gaining Strength Along the Way: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories

Kevin J. Ste. Marie. AuthorHouse. $16.99 paper (110p), ISBN 978-1-5462-4251-2; $5.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5462-4250-5


The author gives the reader a glimpse into the underrepresented perspective of a real male’s longing for romance, companionship, and enduring love.


The Bone Field

Leonard Krishtalka. Gatekeeper Press. $11.98 paper (307p), ISBN 978-1-64237-017-1

Amazon,, Google Play

A scientist vanishes on a dinosaur dig. Hired to find him, PI Harry Przewalski chases treachery and murder from the bone field of petrified skeletons to the bone rooms of the museum.

Death by Student Loan (A Mariah Garrett: Nifty 50s Mystery, Book 1)

L.C. Russell. Tiny Cottage Press. 99¢ e-book, ASIN B003O86PLS

Amazon,, Books-a-Million

What do you do when you’re $100,000 in debt and you can’t leave the house? Well, there’s always the hidden staircase into the past.

A Different Kind of Fire & Fury: Revenge

Julie Reichwein. Best Seller Publishing. $4.99 e-book, ASIN B07BC7CYMQ


In a case that tests the bonds of time, Det. Velasquez is thrust into two cases, a rape and the 30-year-old murder of her friend, as she digs into this sick, gritty tale of evil.

A Fiery Murder (Sarah Richards Mysteries, Vol. 3)

Debra Ison. CreateSpace. $15 paper (308p), ISBN 978-1-985897-25-0


Fifteen-year-old Austin Moreland finds his life turned upside down when he unexpectedly enters the foster system and is mistaken for another teen who has been setting fires.

The Fog Seller: A San Francisco Mystery

Don Daglow. Sausalito Media. $14.95 paper (418p), ISBN 978-0-9967815-0-3; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B01867TXOC


From the creator of the Emmy Award–winning Neverwinter Nights, a novel with a unique hero, an unlikely love story, and more twists than San Francisco’s Lombard Street.

Found in Time

J.K. Kelly. J.K. Kelly Consulting. $15.95 paper (318p), ISBN 978-0-9994099-0-9; $9.59 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9994099-1-6


A thriller about U.S. Marines testing a top secret time travel technology. Their missions are a roller-coaster ride of emotions that take them to hell and back.

Kilos & Killer Heels

Julie Reichwein. Best Seller Publishing. $4.99 e-book, ASIN B07FK6M5NJ


In this tale of greed, revenge, and the search for one’s identity, FBI Agent Quintana leads the charge against a female-led assassination team.

More than One Truth

Matt Benson. Paseo Publishing. $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-692-15700-8


A disgraced former military attorney reluctantly returns home, only to be assigned a case defending a former classmate accused of murder.

The New Holy Warriors

Alice Sandoval. Christian Faith Publishing. $32 paper (400p), ISBN 978-1-63575-903-7

Amazon, Apple iBooks,

This 9/11 political thriller involves the hero, Marc Bravo, searching for his missing parents, who are held by an Islamic terrorist leader in Mexico. With great effort, he solves the crime.

The Obituary

Bill H. Reedy. Lightswitch Publishing. $14.99 paper (194p), ISBN 978-1-944255-93-0


Philo Stern on his deathbed confesses to the murder of one Robert James Allen.

Relative Truth

Dan Griffin. Piscataqua Press. $7.99 paper (100p), ISBN 978-1-944393-96-0


Eva Guardia believes that she killed her son 18 years ago. Her attorney, Benjamin Truitt, is not so sure and sets out to find out who really killed Eva’s son.

The Rogue Kingdom: An Espionage Thriller About the US and North Korea

Stephen Steighner. Stephen Steighner. $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5439-3663-6


The beautiful Kim Jae Pak has spent the years since her escape from North Korea training with a martial arts grand master. She is chosen to assassinate North Korea’s dictator.

Sue Lee Mysteries: Vols. 1–4

D.M. Sorlie. Enchanted Island Publishing. $9.99 e-book, ASIN B01B0Z4G8U

Amazon,, Kobo

After the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, San Franciscan Sue Lee Ono lends her language skills to the U.S. Army’s code-cracking efforts. But soon she is caught in a murderous past continuing into the present after the death of her beloved uncle Yoshi.

Taking on Lucinda

Frank Martorana. VinChaRo Ventures. $13.99 paper (283p), ISBN 978-0-9989326-0-6; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9989326-1-3


Reclusive veterinarian Kent Stephenson and his dog, Lucinda, put their lives on the line to defend their small town from a cult that thrives on all that animal lovers despise.

War Bride: A Toby Whitby WWII Mystery

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts. Emerge Publishing. $3.99 e-book, ASIN B0762FDP93


Vera says she will do whatever it takes to marry an American soldier and leave England, but will she really steal another woman’s baby?


Excalibur Rising: Book One of an Arthurian Saga

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts. Emerge Publishing. $14.99 paper (330p), ISBN 978-0-692-22005-4


Historian Marcus Ryan’s career is at risk, and the Vegas mafia makes him an offer he can’t refuse: partner with a beautiful psychic to find Excalibur, the sword that cannot exist.

The Great Reset

Edward James. Truth Allies. $9.99 e-book, ASIN B07FFHQCDN, Amazon

The first book in the Truth Allies Trilogy about a friendly artificial intelligence that resets our entire society and world.

No Matter, No Gravity

Martin E. Goodman. CreateSpace. $7.99 paper (331p), ISBN 978-1-983389-22-1


A gifted engineer discovers that gravity is not a singular force and that it can be harnessed, rendering all related technology obsolete; a dystopian outcome seems inevitable.

Run with the Wolves, Vol. 1: The Pack

T c Tombs. Toplink Publishing. $18.99 paper (388p), ISBN 978-1-949169-19-5


In the 15th century, three kingdoms are caught up in a decades-long war that may finally end, but no one realizes that dark forces are waiting to invoke chaos as a full moon rises.

Shadow Play: A Dark Fantasy Novel (The Fae Games, Book 1)

Jill Ramsower. Jill Ramsower. $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-692-14641-5


An urban fantasy about a girl thrown into the magical world of the Fae. Becca must fight for answers and accept hard truths if she is to stay alive.


Gypsy Love: Dream or Reality?

Valéria Lopes. Piu Books. $25.99 paper (334p), ISBN 978-1-944737-13-9


In 17th-century Spain, soulmates suffer and fight against prejudice, social rules, and politics in a story of love and magic, tragedy and humor, dreams and reality.


Jennifer Greenhall. Forward Progress Media. $3.99 e-book, ASIN B079WWKXHS

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

Sophia wants to save the world with her psychic gifts. Nate just wants Sophia. Murder pulls them into a battle for the future, but can they survive?

Terminal 19

L.R. Olson. L.R. Olson. $4.99 e-book, ASIN B07BBNT5N8

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Smashwords

Hope is desperate to escape life, and there’s no better place than Europe. While there, she meets Christian. He’s supposed to be just a fling, but things never go as planned.


101 Good Reasons to Believe: A Comprehensive Case for Christianity

James D. Sideras. WestBow Press. $17.95 paper (236p), ISBN 978-1-973609-97-1; $6.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-973609-96-4


In the fast-paced world, it can be hard to find time to focus on what’s important. The author offers concise minilessons for devout Christians and newcomers alike.

After the Darkness

Candace Nadine Breen. Candace Nadine Breen. $16.90 paper (188p), ISBN 978-1-983312-65-6


A survivor’s true story of childhood incest, rape, abuse, domestic violence, and her ability to overcome the negative impact these events had on her life.

Bending Time: The Power to Live in the Now

Patrick Paul Garlinger. Anastasis Books. $16.95 paper (200p), ISBN 978-0-9985563-2-1; $9.95 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9985563-3-8


A radical new interpretation of the nature of time provides an equally radical answer to the core question of all spiritual life: how do we truly live in the present moment?

Earth Angel: Find Your Power Shine Your Light

Karen J. Vivenzio. Toplink Publishing. $11.99 paper (112p), ISBN 978-1-948262-69-9


Vivenzio discusses our sacred relationship with the angelic kingdom and the clues to our own divinity hidden in plain sight. She offers a guide to awaken inner wisdom and empower the light that shines within, using positive visualizations and practical exercises.

Fables for Leaders

John Lubans, illus. by Beatrice Coron. BookBaby. $19.99 paper (220p), ISBN 978-0-692-90955-3

Amazon, BookBaby, Powell’s

The author takes the essential story, a fable, and applies it to the workplace, covering teamwork and leadership. An illustrated textbook.

Fathers of Invention: An American Story of Family, Faith and Innovation

Andrew A. Pansini. CreateSpace. $14.95 paper (220p), ISBN 978-1-5481-1212-7


The success story of a family that embodies the American values of hard work, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Fifty Years of Begging: Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke and Christian Children’s Fund

J. Calvitt Clarke III. Archway Publishing. $21.99 paper (354p), ISBN 978-1-4808-5547-2; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4808-5549-6


By the 1950s, J. Calvitt Clarke was running the largest Protestant organization dedicated to children’s welfare. In this biography, Clarke’s grandson honors his grandfather’s passion for helping the needy.

The Glory of Revelation: This Coming Glory

Anne Grant. Toplink Publishing. $11.99 paper (205p), ISBN 978-1-948962-03-2


Apostle Anne takes you on a spiritual journey that will deepen your love for Christ, create in you a desire for more of his presence, and increase your knowledge and understanding of this present glory and that which is to come.

The God Presumption

Caroline S. Fairless. Prose Press. $22.96 paper (350p), ISBN 978-1-941069-79-0, Amazon,

The three threads of this book weave the story of the devastation wreaked upon this planet.

God Spoke to Me

Coach Roscoe. AuthorHouse. $10.99 paper (92p), ISBN 978-1-5246-9734-1; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-9733-4


This book outlines the struggles and manifestations of a life destined for a higher purpose. It will inspire and encourage those who choose to take a step out on faith.

The Hormone Shift: Using Natural Hormone Balancing for Your Mood, Weight, Sleep & Female Health

Dawn M. Cutillo. Book-Art Press Solutions. $14.99 paper (284p), ISBN 978-1-948817-23-3


Cutillo explains to frustrated women why stubborn weight is related to their hormones. She says her innovative approach of “natural hormone balancing” is a safe, quick, and natural solution.

How to Self-Publish a Book: For the Technology Challenged Author

Barb Drozdowich. Barb Drozdowich. $12.99 paper (268p), ISBN 978-1-988821-15-3; $3.99 e-book, ASIN B07CNNQDPQ

Amazon,, Ingram, Kobo, Overdrive

This book is for authors who have finished a wonderfully creative story but are intimidated by the next steps.

Iron or Steel: A Memoir on Living Dreams

Marek Maria Pienkowski with Linda M. Best. Archway Publishing. $33.95 hardcover (228p), ISBN 978-1-4808-6216-6


A Polish doctor of noble lineage flees communism for the American dream, makes groundbreaking scientific discoveries, achieves great wealth, and restores his family’s lost land.

Lead Us to a Place: Your Spiritual Journey Through Life’s Seasons

Andrew Pacholyk. ProAcuMed. $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-692-12041-5


Take the first steps on a journey of transformation. This empowering, “take-charge-of-your-life” book is a working journal for the soul.

New Realities of the Twenty-First Century, Part 1: A Psychic’s View of the Supernatural, Parapsychic, and Religion, Including Prophecy Prediction!

Prophet Wildman. Dorrance Publishing. $28 paper (244p), ISBN 978-1-4349-2804-7

A devout Christian explores extraterrestrials, the parapsychic, vampires, UFOs, and government cover-ups—some of the biggest mysteries of our time.

Parenting Errors: How to Solve Them

Kerby T. Alvy. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (132p), ISBN 978-1-5434-3009-7; $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-3008-0


Alvy clarifies the many and interrelated responsibilities of parents, defines what parenting errors are, and provides a unique approach to solving them.

Practical Perpetual Calendars: Innovative, Convenient and Green

James R. Saltvold. iUniverse. $17.99 paper (238p), ISBN 978-1-5320-2135-0; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-2136-7


A retired instrumentation engineer presents practical concepts for making perpetual calendars a common household and office item, and includes designs for desk, wall, and pocket calendars, photo holders, and more.

Seeking Oz: My Twelve-Year Journey in a Cult

Makena McChesney. Balboa Press. $18.99 paper (278p), ISBN 978-1-982206-19-2; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-982206-18-5


A memoir of 12 years in a nondenominational Christian fellowship that, due to the teachings and mind control of a charismatic pastor, eventuated in becoming a cult.

Straining Forward: Minh Phuong Towner’s Story

Michelle Layer Rahal. Xulon Press. $19.49 paper (374p), ISBN 978-1-5456-3163-8

Amazon,, Books-a-Million

Following years of abuse and neglect, Minh Phuong escapes Vietnam by boat, but the memories of her past continue to haunt her.

Tell the World: Understanding Oneself

Stephen Jahseed Lark. Outskirts Press. $14.95 paper (80p), ISBN 978-0-578-20481-9


When we learn to find a stillness in our hearts, minds, and bodies, we have a chance to create our own happiness, to get closer to our supreme self.

Unsolved: Cold-Case Homicides of Law Enforcement Officers

James Bultema. P.D. Publishing. $19.99 paper (364p), ISBN 978-0-9974251-1-6, Amazon, Ingram

This book examines the sacrifices made by America’s heroic law enforcement officers who were murdered, while their killers escaped justice.

What’s Life Without a Dream? How I Overcame Abuse and Delinquency to Become an FBI Agent

Gary Marting. Archway Publishing. $20.99 paper (328p), ISBN 978-1-4808-5247-1; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4808-5249-5


Marting looks back at his life, including how he overcame childhood abuse, bullying, and juvenile delinquency to reach his dream of becoming an FBI agent.

Widows 101: How Not to Eat Moldy Bread

Susan Barber. iUniverse. $12.95 paper (108p), ISBN 978-1-4620-3519-9; $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4620-3517-5


Becoming a widow isn’t like becoming a wife. Barber uses her experience with her husband’s death to provide practical tips for surviving the death of a spouse.


Absorbing Lives: A YA Dystopian Sci-Fi Urban Thriller

L.T. Anderson. Rogue Street Entertainment. $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-73217-952-3

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

A high-tech thriller embracing women’s strength, sympathy for the underdog, and the recognition that no matter what your situation, you are relevant and you can prevail.

Anything I Dream

Ali Jensen, illus. by David Regone. Knows No Bounds Books & Co. $12.99 hardcover (26p), ISBN 978-0-692-05619-6

Two young girls and their bunny dream about the multiple professions they can be when they grow up (e.g., architect, teacher, astronaut). These little ladies know no bounds.

A Date for Hannah

Callie Henry. Katharine Gilliam Regnery. 99¢ e-book, ISBN 978-1-944810-33-7

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

High schooler Hannah struggles with her weight and often finds herself friend-zoned. When hottie swimmer Liam seems into her, she starts to wonder if he’s too good to be true.

The Extraordinary Journey of J.J. Pips

J.J. Israel. J.J. Pips Publishing. $9.25 paper (55p), ISBN 978-0-9982343-1-1


The life of J.J. Pips, a young British bulldog, is turned upside down when his beloved brother is dognapped. J.J. sets off to rescue him on what will become the adventure of a lifetime.

Genesis II

Allen Ling, illus. by Christian Boe. Genesis II Comics. $30 hardcover (134p)

Lisa’s breakthrough and potentially world-ending tech draws an evil corporate tyrant. Her friend Daniel, with his GMO animal hybrid guardians, saves Lisa and prevents global genocide.

Hillary Hallah Untied the Knot: A Rosh Hashanah Treat You Are Bound to Repeat

Cheryl Rosenbloom Levet. Balboa Press. $16.95 paper (28p), ISBN 978-1-5043-8766-8; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5043-8767-5


In this picture book, the symbols of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, come to life while the characters learn an important lesson about working together.

How to Draw for Children and Young Adults: Supercharacters

Earl R. Phelps. Phelps Publishing. $13.95 paper (64p), ISBN 978-1-887627-10-8

Amazon,, IndieBound, Ingram

This book is so simple that the illustrations alone will guide readers to learn to draw. No words are needed to explain.

Just Maagy: Book #1 in the Maagy Series

Virginia Burton Stringer, illus. by Lauren Abernathy. Archway Publishing. $21.99 paper (327p), 987-1-4808-1121-8


A fairy tale about an impetuous, spoiled, entitled little princess who gets her way with tantrums, deceptions, and even lies. A trip to Summer Castle with her father changes Maagy’s life.

Nia & the Numbers Game: A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex

Kela Henry. BTH Creations. $8.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-387-83258-3


Part novel, part self-help guide for teenage girls to learn how to head toward success. The book deals with important topics, including STDs, pregnancy, and trust.

November in New Orleans: The Journey of Souls

L.C. Russell. Tiny Cottage Press. $16.58 paper (481p), ISBN 978-1-982079-16-1

Amazon,, Books-a-Million

Wagering with a demon for your soul is one thing, but what do you do when that demon captures the soul of someone you love? The sequel to November in Salem.

November in Salem: The Bargain of Witches

L.C. Russell. Tiny Cottage Press. $8.58 paper (358p), ISBN 978-1-4528-6148-7

Amazon,, Books-a-Million

The ultimate battle between purity and evil. Pureness of spirit meets diabolical corruption in this tale of heroism. Is November really the woman who can stop the demon Astaroth?

Paddy’s Forest Trek

Patti Gill. Litfire Publishing. $9.99 paper (32p), ISBN 978-1-64045-811-6


A young porcupine and his friend spend a fun-filled day on a forest adventure, learning fascinating information about trees.

The Secret Laboratory #1: Gravity Gone!

Kristen Bottger, illus. by Aleksandra Zawlocka. CreateSpace. $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-73258-240-8


Marie and Albert learn how gravity works after they accidentally turn it off. They race to save their classmates from floating away and learn a shocking secret about their school.

Weather Boy: A Story of D-Day

Steve McCoy-Thompson, illus. by Tammy Flynn Seybold. AuthorHouse. $13.95 paper (168p), ISBN 978-0-7596-0947-1, Amazon

Frankie Brown joins Churchill, Eisenhower, and a misfit group of spies and scientists to prepare for D-Day, and uses his odd talent to save his father and find the true measure of a hero.

The Weird Animal Club: It’s OK to Be Different

Christopher Knott-Craig, illus. by Simon Goodway. Archway Publishing. $20.95 paper (44p), ISBN 978-1-4808-5232-7; $6.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4808-5234-1


We all want friends, but sometimes there’s something that makes us different from others, and that can make finding friends difficult. Yet, as author Knott-Craig shows, that doesn’t have to be the case.

You Gotta Have Heart

Bruce Bernstein. Outsider Press. $9.99 paper (170p), ISBN 978-1-73216-510-6

Amazon, Ingram

A coming-of-age novel about an orphan growing up in New York City. Life keeps knocking 12-year-old Alan down. Does he have the courage to get back up?