Declaración: cuentos reunidos

(Debriefing: Collected Stories)

Susan Sontag

Literatura Random House

ISBN 978-84-397-3403-1

This collection features Sontag’s shorter fiction, in which she dramatizes her private grief and lets characters take her where they will.

El escándalo Modigliani

(The Modigliani Scandal)

Ken Follett


ISBN 978-607-31-6441-2

Behind the elegance and glamour of the art world, anything goes—theft, forgery, betrayal, and maybe even murder.

El favor de la sirena

(The Largesse of the Sea Maiden)

Denis Johnson

Literatura Random House

ISBN 978-84-397-3415-4

This collection of short stories finds Johnson in new territory, contemplating the ghosts of the past and the elusive and unexpected ways the mysteries of the universe assert themselves.

El hombre de tiza

(The Chalk Man)

C.J. Tudor

Plaza & Janés

ISBN 978-84-01-01981-4

A psychological suspense that weaves a mystery about a childhood game gone dangerously awry.

El mal camino

(The Wrong Way)

Mikel Santiago

B de Bolsillo

ISBN 978-84-9070-300-7

In the South of France, a man emerges from the darkness and triggers a series of strange events, turning the lives of a writer and his friend into a nightmare.

Las largas sombras

(Long Shadows)

Elia Barceló


ISBN 978-8-417-09271-9

Rita returns to her village after years away and goes to Lena’s house, but a happy encounter is truncated by an unexpected image. This book is more than a crime novel.

La novia gitana

(The Gypsy Bride)

Carmen Mola


ISBN 978-84-204-3318-9

Susana Macaya, daughter of a gypsy, disappears after her bachelorette party. Her body is found two days later. Her sister Lara suffered an identical fate seven years earlier.

Los días de abandono

(The Days of Abandonment)

Elena Ferrante


ISBN 978-84-264-0527-2

The gripping story of a woman’s descent into emptiness after being abandoned by her husband, with two young children whom she must care for.


Saul Bellow


ISBN 978-6-073-16329-3

Abe Ravelstein is a professor at a prominent Midwestern university—a man who revels in training the movers and shakers of the political world.

Tigres de cristal

(Crystal Tigers)

Toni Hill


ISBN 978-84-253-5648-3

Hill’s story is set in a neighborhood in Barcelona’s Red Belt in the 1970s and today, where its characters find themselves in a conflict between loyalty, silence, and revenge.



Juan Cárdenas

Editorial Periferica

ISBN 978-84-16291-55-7

After receiving the news of his sister’s death, a man escapes from the congested center of a Latin-American city to its outskirts, where the jungle is taking over.


Adiós muchachos

(Goodbye, Fellows)

Sergio Ramírez


ISBN 978-84-663-4564-4

The Nicaraguan intellectual Ramírez’s memoir was first published in 1999. This is a new edition of his account of how a generation brought democracy to Nicaragua.

Alimentamos una isla

(We Fed an Island)

José Andrés, with Richard Wolffe

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56562-8

Andrés, a chef, arrived in Puerto Rico four days after Hurricane Maria ripped through the island, where for many there was no clean water, food, power, or gas, and no way to communicate with the rest of the world. He and his team fed hundreds of thousands of people.

Entre eternidades

(Between Eternities)

Javier Marías

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56593-2

Marías is an essayist, novelist, and translator. This new collection of essays—by turns literary, philosophical, and autobiographical—journeys from the crumbling canals of Venice to the wide horizons of the Wild West.

El libro de Emma Reyes

(The Book of Emma Reyes)

Emma Reyes

Vintage Español

ISBN 978-0-525-56498-0

This memoir was hailed as a classic when published in Colombia in 2012, nearly a decade after the death of its author, who was encouraged in her writing by Gabriel García Márquez. Composed of letters written over the course of 30 years, it describes in vivid detail the courage and imagination of a young girl growing up with nothing.

La polis literaria

(The Literary Polis)

Rafael Rojas


ISBN 978-6-073-16486-3

In this new look at the Latin-American Boom, Rojas shares the intellectual and social struggles of the literature that transformed the region.


Dios siempre cumple sus promesas

(God Always Keeps His Promises)

Max Lucado

Grupo Nelson

ISBN 978-141-85-9897-6

Lucado aims to show children that God is trustworthy and keeps promises.

¡Hora de bañarse!

(It’s Bath Time!)

Begoña Oro and Ester Garay


ISBN 978-8-448-84979-5

Nico goes to the park with his friends. They play and get messy, until their parents come for them and make them take baths.

¿Me planchas mi elefante, por favor?

(Could You Iron My Elephant, Please?)

Rafael Barajas “El Fisgón” Durán

Fondo de Cultura Económica

ISBN 978-607-16-5633-9

Simon is a typical kid, just shy, and that gets him into a lot of trouble. Whenever he’s asked to “please” do something, he cannot refuse, no matter how weird the request. Everybody starts asking him for favors, including his teachers and people in town.


Mariano Veloy

Lectio Ediciones

ISBN 978-8-416-91801-0

Young readers will be entertained and informed by this colorfully illustrated life of Mozart, which covers the composer’s childhood and the many challenges of his career.

¿Vamos a cenar?

(Are We Having Dinner?)

Begoña Oro and Ester Garay


ISBN 978-8-448-84978-8

Every time a carrot disappears from the dinner table, Nico must come up with a little white lie to explain to his mother what happened. Every time the lie gets bigger.