La catadora

(At the Wolf’s Table)

Rosella Postorino


ISBN 978-8-426405-18-0

This internationally bestselling novel is based on the untold story of the women conscripted to be Hitler’s food tasters.

El cuaderno del año del Nobel

(The Nobel Year Notebook)

José Saramago


ISBN 978-8-420434-59-9

Saramago won the Nobel Prize in 1998, and this volume collects his notebook from that year as well as the texts of four lectures he gave.



Álvaro Vizcaíno

Ediciones B

ISBN 978-8-466664-77-6

In search of the perfect wave, a surfer falls off of a cliff but survives. Vizcaíno transforms his experience on the threshold of death into a novel.


Los 80 años de Sofía: Esposa, madre y abuela

(Sofía’s 80 Years: Wife, Mother, and Grandmother)

Jaime Peñafiel

Grijalbo Ilustrados

ISBN 978-8-417338-16-9

Peñafiel delivers an intimate tour of the life of Queen Sofía of Spain in her lesser-known roles: those of wife, mother, and grandmother.

Cara o cruz: Hernán Cortés

(Heads or Tails: Hernán Cortés)

Úrsula Camba and Alejandro Rosas


ISBN 978-6-073169-64-6

Camba and Rosas delve into the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire to understand Hernán Cortés.

Cómo cambiar tu mente

(How to Change Your Mind)

Michael Pollan


ISBN 978-8-499929-06-4

Pollan investigates the medical and scientific revolution taking place around psychedelic drugs—and the story of his own life-changing psychedelic experiences.

La historia de Airbnb

(The Airbnb Story)

Leigh Gallagher


ISBN 978-6-073171-96-0

This is the behind-the-scenes story of the creation and growth of Airbnb.

Jamie cocina en Italia: Desde el corazón de la cocina italiana

(Jamie’s Italy)

Jamie Oliver

Grijalbo Ilustrados

ISBN 978-9-502812-15-1

Oliver travels to Italy, paying homage to the classic dishes of each region.

No vuelvas

(Do Not Come Back)

Leonardo Tarifeño


ISBN 978-6078486939

Tarifeño collects stories of migrants deported from the U.S. to Mexico.


Buenas noches

(Good Night)

Meritxell Martí

Combel Editorial

ISBN 978-84-9101-252-8

This board book aims to help children learn bedtime routines by saying good night to animals one by one.



Kevin Pettman


ISBN 978-84-17541-24-8

Pettman provides a guide to Fortnite, one of biggest games of the year. Readers will find combat tips, survival advice, and secrets, as well as lots of screenshots.

Isadora Moon y el hechizo mágico

(Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic)

Harriet Muncaster

Alfaguara Infantil

ISBN 978-8-420487-60-1

Isadora Moon’s mom is a fairy and her dad a vampire, so, when her family goes camping, unusual things happen.

Rosa Pionera, ingeniera

(Rosie Revere, Engineer)

Andrea Beaty, illus. by David Roberts


ISBN 978-8-448850-96-8

Rosie seems quiet during the day, but at night she’s an inventor of gadgets who dreams of becoming a great engineer.

Vidas que inspiran

(Lives that Inspire)

Ariela Kreimer

Lectura Colaborativa

ISBN 978-987-41-6312-7

Kreimer presents several biographies of women who fought to make the world a better place.