Not surprisingly, the U.S.-China trade dispute and its ramifications loom large in this 33rd annual coverage on the Hong Kong and China print manufacturing industry. Seven major export printers shared their observations, hopes, and plans on dealing with the tariffs and the fallouts. While checking out these printers’ operations and strategies for the year and beyond, we also highlight some of their interesting products, such as YumMePrint and Magic Paper World. Our coverage also includes a brief take on the ink industry (and how the tariffs and China’s eco-intiatives affect its pricing) and on the increasing popularity of digital print enhancements (and why you should love them). We follow that with three interesting projects that exemplify the innovative and can-do spirit of these printers. Click through to read all of our coverage below, or browse the special feature in Scribd reader. Do visit PW Printing Marketplace to learn more about featured printing companies.

Taking a Closer Look at the Hong Kong & China Printing Industry

Of Inks and More

YumMePrint for On-demand and Personalized Photo Printing

Inspiration Through Magic Paper World

The Case for Digital Print Enhancements

A Selection of Inspiring Projects

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