La catedral y el niño

(The Cathedral and the Boy)

Eduardo Blanco Amor

Libros del Asteroide

ISBN 978-84-17007-36-2

This coming-of-age story follows young Luis Torralba as he grows up in Spain between his parents’ contrasting worlds, deciding where to take his own future along the way.

Las mujeres en el castillo

(The Women in the Castle)

Jessica Shattuck

Malpaso Editorial

ISBN 978-84-947126-6-1

A woman works to fulfill a promise she made to her husband before he was killed for opposing Hitler: to reunite the women and children of the Resistance.

La novena hora

(The Ninth Hour)

Alice McDermott

Libros del Asteroide

ISBN 978-84-17007-40-9

In the aftermath of a suicide, Catholic Brooklyn of the 20th century attempts to erase knowledge of the man’s brief existence through shame and superstition.


100 preguntas y respuestas para ser mejores padres

(100 Questions and Answers to Be Better Parents)

Nora Rodriguez

Lectio Ediciones

ISBN 978-84-16918-38-6

This book clears doubts for first-time parents and aids with handling the ever-changing emotions of children as they begin to interact with the world.



Marc Ribas

Lectio Ediciones

ISBN 978-84-16918-35-5

Prestigious chef Marc Ribas presents this cookbook containing refreshing, easy, and affordable recipes for both beginners and experienced cooks.

El Latin Hit Maker

(The Latin Hit Maker)

Rudy Peréz

Grupo Nelson

ISBN 978-1-404111-10-3

This genuine rags-to-riches story is filled with inspiration and fascinating details, and is a powerful reminder of God’s grace and transforming creativity.



Kristy Motta

Editorial Vida

ISBN 978-1-400213-55-9

A personal growth book for those looking to live a more enriched life and stand firm in the unchanging character of God.


Los tres gibones

(The Three Gibbons)

Edua Kenji Aberdo

Thule Ediciones

ISBN 978-84-16817-24-5

Readers follow along as the three gibbons encounter various adventures and challenges, such as avoiding a crocodile, on their way back home.