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How long is the previews portal open?
The portal will remain open through the end of the day on March 22, 2024.

What is the publishing season covered for these previews?
August 1, 2024 through January 31, 2025.

What types of books are you looking for?
We are seeking information on original children’s board books, picture books, and middle-grade and YA fiction and nonfiction. Please do not include paperback reprints of hardcover books and reissues of previously published books. Please do not include boxed sets.

What about series?
We only selectively print listings of series titles, so we ask you to please limit your submission of series titles to only your most important ones. Include the series name with the book title (i.e. Divergent series: Allegiant), and if a book title is part of a series, please note whether it launches, continues, or concludes said series.

Who should submit books?
If your titles are distributed by a larger house or distribution company, please do not assume that your distributor will submit your titles. Please check with your distributor to coordinate who will be submitting titles to PW.

Will all books submitted be listed?
Submission does not guarantee inclusion. Due to space considerations, we must make editorial decisions as to what will be included in our print listings, and we reserve the right to omit some listings.

What is the "PW Pitch?"
All submissions must include a “PW Pitch” (300-character maximum): a concise, objective description of the content or plot of each book, not catalog copy, taglines, or blurbs from other media. Do not treat this description field as a pitch for coverage or inclusion, but more as a way to concisely describe your book to us. Please write your book descriptions/PW Pitches factually and succinctly–in one or two sentences. An example: “A department-store teddy bear embarks on a quest to find his missing button, and to make a friend.” NOT “A heartwarming tale for children of all ages!” Please see last season’s listings as a style guide for how we run book descriptions in our listings, and please try to mimic that style:

Where did you get the data you're presenting for my titles?
Ingram. If your book metadata is not yet available in Ingram, you will need to enter it into our system manually.

What if there is data that is missing or incorrect?
In the edit/review mode you can change or add any data you'd like. NOTE: we will not consider any title unless it has complete information, including a "PW Pitch." When a title has complete information, GalleyTracker displays a check-mark in the "completed?" column on the list of your entered titles in the "Edit/Revew Children's Previews" page in GalleyTracker. If a title doesn't have a check-mark next to it, it will not be considered.

Is there a preferred format for titles considered?
Yes, we prefer hardback. If there is none, then paperback. And if there is no paperback, then e-book.

What about Sneak Previews?
Spring 2025 Sneak Previews for books publishing between February 1, 2025, and July 31, 2025 will appear online only. The information is NOT collected via GalleyTracker, but must be sent directly to PW. Please send us a maximum of five titles per imprint. We need the title, author, illustrator if there is one, and a brief, factual plot description (NOT ad copy), in the following format: Publishing House/Imprint 1. Book Title by author, illustrator (if there is one). Brief, factual plot description of the book 2. Book Title by author, illustrator (if there is one). Brief, factual plot description of the book 3. Book Title by author, illustrator (if there is one). Brief, factual plot description of the book 4. Book Title by author, illustrator (if there is one). Brief, factual plot description of the book 5. Book Title by author, illustrator (if there is one). Brief, factual plot description of the book

Again: you cannot submit Sneak Previews titles through GalleyTracker. Instead, email your information about your selected fall 2024 titles to, by Friday, March 22, 2024. Please title your email “Sneak Previews.” Listings should be sent either in a Word document or in the body of your email, NOT in spreadsheet or table form.

What about audiobooks?
This issue does not list children’s audio titles. If you are publishing children’s audiobook titles for release in spring 2024, please contact Shannon Maughan at about the separate submissions process for those titles.

Can I submit titles with incomplete data?
No. Titles will not be accepted unless they have all of their data.

Visit our Complete Guidelines page for more information.

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