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What is GalleyTracker?
GalleyTracker is PW’s automated review submission and status tracking tool for publishers. It allows publishers to submit titles for review consideration and provides status updates as titles move through the reviews process.

Who is GalleyTracker for?
GalleyTracker is for publishers of all sizes. If you publish multiple authors, GalleyTracker is for you. If you publish your own works, please submit using BookLife.

How do I sign up for GalleyTracker?
Simply fill out the registration form and you can start submitting titles immediately.

Can I submit e-galleys using GalleyTracker?
Yes. You should submit both paper and e-galleys using GalleyTracker. Please note that all e-galleys must be DRM-free; we do not accept e-galleys via NetGalley or Edelweiss, due to our need to protect reviewer anonymity. We take intellectual property and copyright preservation seriously, so please know that any e-galley you submit will be only be accessed by PW’s reviews editors and an individual reviewer.

What file formats do you accept for e-galleys?
We accept DRM-free ePub or PDF files. Note that if the file of your book is more than 30MB, it is likely to time out during upload. In those cases we recommend hosting your file in a service like Dropbox and adding the link to access your file to the "Download URL" field in the GalleyTracker submission form.

How will I be notified of review status?
The status of each book under review consideration will be noted in your dashboard. Please do not contact PW about review status; we are unable to respond to such requests.

I am a small/independent press; should I submit my books for review through GalleyTracker or through BookLife?
Publishers of any size who publish more than one author should use GalleyTracker. BookLife is designed for individual creator-publishers.

I am a distributor; should I submit my books for review through GalleyTracker?
Please submit your books for review consideration through GalleyTracker.

What is a BookLife Review?
A BookLife Review is a paid, guaranteed review from a Publishers Weekly reviewer. It is different than a Publishers Weekly review and runs in a different part of PW. Click here for more information about BookLife Reviews.

What Happens to Physical Galleys After When PW Is Done with Them? Can PW Return Them?
We cannot return physical galleys after the submission process is completed. Galleys are donated to Housing Works for adult books and Lisa's Libraries for Children's books.

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