Four Risk Factors Facing the Comics Industry in 2015
Dark Horse Moves Three Print Titles to New Digital Imprint
iVerse Inks Digital Deal With DC, Adds DRM-Free and Rentals
How’s Marvel Now Working Out?
Kickstarter Diary Chapter 5: The Postmortem
Kickstarter Diary, Chapter 4: Promoting the Campaign
Kickstarter Diary Chapter 3: How to Use the Site to Run Your Campaign
Kickstarter Diary Chapter 2: Rewards and Goals—Running the Numbers
Madefire Launches On Windows 8 with Free Transformers Comics
Kickstarter Campaign Diary, Part 1: What Am I Getting Myself Into?
Madefire Expands with Barker, Archie, Lion Forge, and Arcana
What Happened To Marvel's Mid-List?
Seven Questions About Amazon’s Acquisition of Comixology
DC’s 2013 Direct Market Sales Show Slippage
Patreon Raises $2.1 Million
Pocket Gems Launches Hybrid Game, Novel, Comic Platform
Tapastic Gets $2 Million in Funding For Webcomics Portal
Madefire, Publishers, ITV Partner for More Motion Books
Comics Crowdfunding Picks Up In 2012
How Stable Are DC Comics’ Sales After Their Relaunch?
Publishing Gains Support at Kickstarter
Disney Goes Digital App First with Some Comics
iVerse Unveils a Comics Crowdfunding Site and Enters the DRM-Free World
How Affordable Color POD Could Change the Comics Industry
Ingram Makes Color Print-On-Demand More Economical
The Kirkman–Bendis Debates: Four Years Later Creators Look Stronger
Is Kickstarter the #2 Graphic Novel Publisher?
Retailers Struggle with Marvel’s Inconsistent Backlist
The Digital Comics App Scorecard
How Many Digital Comics Formats Are Too Many?
ComicsUnited: An Ad Network for Independent Comics
Comics Enter Big Box Stores Under a Cloud of Mystery
Crowdfunding: When the Publisher Doesn’t Cover the Creator’s Expenses
Digital Comics Offerings Growing for Nook
Kindle, We Have a Problem: Amazon's Pricing Policies Affect Publishers
Let’s Do the Math: Digital Comics Revenues vs. Print Comics Revenues
Buckley's Pricing Gambit at Marvel Pays Off
Disparate Creators Go "Beyond the Panel"
OverDrive Offers Single Issue Comic Downloads for Libraries
Who Are These Lapsed Comics iPad Readers Anyway?
Funnies Business: Big Cross-Over Events and the Barrier Method
Digital Comics Get a New Platform with Sony PSP Deal
Funnies Business: Quantifying Library Penetration for Graphic Novels
Funnies Business: The 2008 Retailers Survey
The Kirkman/Bendis Debates: Let’s Do the Math
Funnies Business: Abandon All Revenue, Ye Who Enter
Funnies Business: Les Humanoides Cuts a Deal with the Devil
Funny Business #5: The Good Kind of Audit
Funny Business #4: Ignoring the Direct Market
Funnies Business #2: The Crack Dealer’s Business Model
Funnies Business: Alex Ross Banished to the Back of the Catalogue

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