cover image Going to Net: Girl's Gde

Going to Net: Girl's Gde

Various, Robert Pondiscio. HarperCollins, $5.99 (352pp) ISBN 978-0-380-78661-9

Surf's Up Clear and crisp, You Can Surf the Net! by Marc Gascoigne is for the kid who may already be acquainted with the Internet but is shy online or doesn't know where to go. Gascoigne supplies addresses for cool newsgroups and Web sites, as well as pointers on netiquette, netspeak, modems and the rudimentary business of signing up with a service provider. For surfer girls only, Going to the Net: A Girl's Guide to Cyberspace by Marian Salzman and Robert Pondiscio combines--or, at least, attempts to combine--technical information about Net navigation with a tween- and teenage guide to life, boys, parents, fashion, food, Brad Pitt--you name it and it's on the Net. Some will certainly find the grrrl talk appealing, but do girls especially need to know where to find out about Oreos online?