Various, . . Signet, $6.99 (256pp) ISBN 978-0-451-20742-5

This eclectic collection of mysteries, penned by an equally diverse array of authors, takes readers on a richly atmospheric journey through Alaska. Donna Andrews ("An Unkindness of Ravens") launches the anthology with the haunting story of a woman who devises an unusual way of getting even with a philandering husband, and John Straley wraps it up with "Finding Lou," a poignant poem narrated by a jaded detective. Everything in between is a genre grab bag. Anne Perry's "Rearrangements," about three sisters who struggle through an earthquake, is more an affirmation of sisterly love than a mystery. Likewise, "The Twin" by Brad Reynolds is a slight, supernatural tale of a Yupig mask said to protect its ancestors. Theft plays a role in both "Losing Streak," Sue Henry's amusing parable of a bungling burglar, and Dana Stabenow's evocative "Cheechako," in which a group of travelers trek across the Chilkoot Pass during the Klondike gold rush era. Unlike most mysteries, however, these stories revolve around the clime, the characters and their hardships instead of whodunit. Polished works by Michael Armstrong, S.J. Rozan, Mike Doogan, Kate Grilley, Kim Rich and James Sarafin round out the collection, but readers new to the mystery scene will likely appreciate these snippets of Alaskan life more than hardcore fans. (Oct. 1)