cover image Devil's Gate: A Kurt Austin Adventure

Devil's Gate: A Kurt Austin Adventure

Clive Cussler and Graham Brown, read by Scott Brick. Penguin Audio, unabridged, 10 CDs, 12.5 hrs., $39.95 ISBN 978-1-61176-018-7

When Kurt Austin and his NUMA (National Underwater Maritime Agency) Special Operations Team investigate a burning Japanese cargo ship, they find themselves locked in a deadly confrontation with a gang of bloodthirsty pirates intent on plundering the sinking ship. But this encounter is just the beginning of a vast conspiracy that threatens the lives of thousands and may potentially alter the world's balance of power drastically. Once again, Austin and NUMA will have to risk their lives to stop an evil as dark and ruthless as the deepest depths of the sea. Brick's narration is smooth and easy, and he adroitly conveys the book's action and edge-of-the-seat suspense. Additionally, Brick's characterizations are simple but unique. Despite the somewhat over- the-top melodrama of the novel, Brick keeps his storytelling sincere and real, and this audio edition and its listeners are the better for it. A Putnam hardcover. (Nov.)