The publishing world is racing against the clock to come to grips with the pending shutdown of Baker & Taylor’s retail wholesaling business. B&T’s closure goes into full effect after July 15, which is the last day the company will ship retail orders, and booksellers are looking for ways to keep books coming in. There are plenty of options, with a number of publishers small, large, and in-between—as well as some wholesalers—launching, expanding, or repromoting direct-ordering programs.

Below is a roundup of some publisher programs, with relevant contact info for each. There is also a list of important dates to remember in the B&T withdrawal timeline.


Candlewick Press


Hachette Book Group, 800-934-5252


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Independent Publishers Group, 800-888-4741

Ingram Content Group, 800-937-8200


Macmillan is in the process of finalizing terms for former B&T customers, which it will announce shortly.

Penguin Random House

Scholastic, 877-624-2767

Simon & Schuster m, 800-976-1725

Dates to Remember

June 1: The last date upon which B&T will fulfill author event orders.

June 30: The date when the My Books & More websites will be shuttered, and also the last day when B&T will ship NYP titles; all open orders for pub dates after July 1 will be canceled, and sellers seeking reports of what is on order with pub dates after July 1 are encouraged to reach out to their representatives.

July 1: The date by which all 2019 co-op requests must be made; reports will be sent by the end of August.

July 15: The last day when B&T will ship retail orders.

July 30: The last day when B&T will accept overstock returns at its return center.

Correction: This article initially mislisted "Independent Publishers Group" as "Ingram," and has been updated to include Ingram Content Group.