cover image Love in a Nutshell

Love in a Nutshell

Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly, read by Lorelei King. Macmillan Audio, unabridged, six CDs, 6.5 hrs., $29.99 ISBN 978-1-4272-1496-6

In Evanovich and Kelly’s romantic comedy, Kate Appleton returns home to Keene’s Harbor, Mich., to reclaim her family fortune and—more immediately—find a job. There, she allies herself with microbrewery owner Matt Culhane, who suspects an employee is sabotaging his beer. Matt hires Kate as a spy, but complications arise due to Kate’s allergies and because of her emerging romance with Matt. Lorelei King narrates in a clear, clean voice, and her rendition of Kate is cute, spunky, and enthusiastic. While King’s delivery is at times stiff, particularly during Kate’s conversation in early chapters, her rendering of Matt is looser; he sounds world-weary and wry. And as the romance peaks and Matt and Kate share adventures, King hits her stride, ably handling the snappy dialogue between Matt and Kate in a way that distinguishes both characters and is absolutely fun to listen to. A St. Martin’s hardcover. (Jan.)