cover image Opening Atlantis: A Novel of Alternate History

Opening Atlantis: A Novel of Alternate History

Harry Turtledove. Tantor Media, $39.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4001-0554-0

Even in his lesser efforts, like this start of a trilogy about the Lost Continent of Atlantis, Turtledove is still the master of alternative history. Helped by the cool understatement of Todd McLaren, who makes all the ""What ifs?"" of the genre fresh and believable, listeners should plunge right into this predictable but intriguing story of the discovery of an unknown island during the reign of Henry VI by a wandering English fisherman. Fed up with political repression, the fisherman, his family and a few friends head for the promised paradise-only to find themselves pitted against an exiled nobleman who wants to rule the island. McLaren makes all the voices distinct and identifiable, from lowly Brits and smarmy lords to the foreigners flocking to Atlantis. There's not much magic or even the startling hooks on which Turtledove has hung earlier books (like the sudden arrival of repeating rifles during the American Civil War in Guns of the South), but Turtledove fans will appreciate McLaren's efforts. Simultaneous release with the Roc hardcover (Reviews, Oct. 1).