cover image Expelled


James Patterson and Emily Raymond. LB/Patterson, $17.99 (304p) ISBN 978-0-316-44039-4

Patterson and Raymond (The Lost) again join forces to produce a contemporary novel with a little something for everyone. Combining tragedy, mystery, romance, and amateur sleuthing, the book shows how four teens expelled from their high school form unlikely friendships while trying to get to the bottom of an incident involving a compromising photo. Theo Foster, the editor of the school newspaper, is accused of posting the picture of football star Parker via an anonymous Twitter account, but he is determined to prove his innocence. Joining Theo on his mission are his fellow expulsion victims: school mascot Jude, beautiful and unpredictable Sasha (whom Theo has loved from afar for years), and Parker himself, who now attends a private school. During the course of Theo’s investigation, which involves filmed interviews, he discovers that Sasha and Parker are more complex than they seem and, like him, are struggling with problems that go beyond getting kicked out of school. Reminiscent of The Breakfast Club, the story challenges stereotyped perspectives of teens while providing clues to the characters’ motives and secret conflicts. Ages 15–up. (Oct.)