cover image I Funny: A Middle School Story

I Funny: A Middle School Story

James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, read by Frankie Seratch. Hachette Audio, unabridged, three CDs, 3 hrs., $17.98 ISBN 978-1-61969-267-1

Patterson and Grabenstein’s book follows the adventures of young Jamie Grimm who dreams of being a stand-up comic. Jamie uses a wheelchair and is plagued by a host of familiar middle school issues: bullies, girls, and family. Many of his jokes are coping mechanisms that allow him to more easily confront his problems, both present and past. But when Jamie enters a contest to become the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic, he must confront his self-doubt. Frankie Seratch provides solid narration in this audio edition. He’s particularly impressive recounting some of Jamie’s struggles. But Seratch doesn’t adequately create distinct voices for the large cast of characters. Ages 8–12. A Little, Brown paperback. (Dec.)