cover image The Cricket and the Mole

The Cricket and the Mole

Janosch. Trafalgar Square Publishing, $8.95 (70pp) ISBN 978-0-86264-043-9

Janoschan artist of international acclaimhas never been as well known here as he is in Europe. Here is a handsize volume of tales that range from sweetly nice to nonsensical. The title story tells of a cricket, who, like the grasshopper of Aesop, hasn't prepared for winter. No one will share with her, until she stumbles into the Mole's home. He loves the sound of her fiddle, and so they share all and live happily ever after. The fox of the next story fares not as well. He's after plump geese, but they run him ragged and then skin him for his fur. It sounds ghastly, but the picture of the geese in stoles will have most children giggling. The other stories are not as engaging, but Janosch's pictures, in scratchy ink lines and watercolor washes, are a lark. Ages 3-6. (July)