cover image Dinosaur Valley

Dinosaur Valley

Chronicle Books, Mitsuhiro Kurokawa. Chronicle Books, $14.95 (54pp) ISBN 978-0-8118-0257-4

The American editor of Kurokawa's striking picture book--first published in Japan--says, ``Imagine living, breathing, noisy animals rather than the quiet, dusty skeletons you see in museums.'' Children can do exactly that in this informative, vividly illustrated volume. In a narrative style similar to Little Elephant's Walk , this book focuses on one species, but as readers follow the newly hatched Orodromeus family on its daily route, they encounter other prehistoric creatures as well, both friend and foe. Cast members here include familiar dinos, such as the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as some lesser known species (such as the Chasmosaurs, with bold, butterfly-like designs on their frills). Not only do these dinosaurs walk the earth in intricate panoramic landscapes, but an impressive double-page fold-out of a modern-day paleontological dig is carefully labeled for young readers. An appendix, ``Dino Facts for Older Readers,'' offers more detailed information illustrated in black-and- white. Similar to the recent Dinosaur for a Day , this work is broader in scope (though less realistically illustrated)--a book to entice even die-hard dinosaur fans. Ages 6-10. (Dec.)