cover image I Bought My Love/Tabby Cat

I Bought My Love/Tabby Cat

Chronicle Books, Colin West. Chronicle Books, $11.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-87701-518-5

``I brought my love a tabby cat, / A tabby cat, a tabby cat, / My love made him a velvet hat / To wear when we were wed.'' Thus begins West's whimsical, enchanting story about a woman who gives her betrothed animals, for which he then tailors outfits or wigs. The billy goat receives a woolen coat, the pig a fancy wig, the old gray goose some dainty shoes, etc. When their wedding day finally arrives all the animals attend the ceremony dressed in the finery the tailor has made for them. The bride is chagrined to find that of everyone there, her clothing is the least impressive. After the wedding, however, her husband reserves his talents just for her. Anstey's comic, finely drawn illustrations show the gladsome procession of events, and West's lilting, lyrical verses are ideal for chanting aloud. No ages given. (Oct.)