cover image Good Day for Soup: Over 200 Recipes for Any Occasion

Good Day for Soup: Over 200 Recipes for Any Occasion

Chronicle Books, Jeannette Ferrary. Chronicle Books, $16.95 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-8118-0467-7

The nearly universal appeal of soups, the authors' lively prose style and the use of varied typefaces hold promise for this collection that is on the whole limited by the puzzling design approaches and awkward organization of recipes. Recipes for traditional and ethnic soups, such as Mulligatawny, Bouillabaisse and Callaloo, appear in ``Folksoups.'' ``Slendersoups'' contains mostly vegetable-based concoctions thickened with pureed vegetables (often potatoes) and enlivened with spices. The chapter ""Cold and Cookless Soups"" begins with listings in which some soups appear in oversized red type, though there is no apparent substantive reason for this. ``Recycled Soups'' suggests pureeing leftovers in a food processor, often with stock, and leads to such innovations as Caesar Salad Soup, with the addition of tomatoes and chicken stock, and Day After Fourth of July Soup, composed of processed grilled vegetables and stock, with corn kernels and crumbled cooked hamburger. ""Entertaining Soups"" includes Black and Orange Witches' Brew for Halloween (made by floating tapenade toasts in pumpkin soup). Most successful are original ideas for simple recipes such as Asparagus and Prosciutto Soup with Parmesan Toasts, Chick Pea and Arugula Soup with Garlic and Mint, and Chilled Herb Soup. (Jan.)