cover image Atlantic Salmon Fly

Atlantic Salmon Fly

Chronicle Books, Judith Dunham. Chronicle Books, $38 (137pp) ISBN 978-0-87701-800-1

Dunham's second anthology surpasses her handsome The Art of the Trout Fly in format and text (also price), while falling a little short of the inspired photographic stylings that were the charm of the earlier volume. In fly-tying, recently evolved from a sweet utility into true craft, no patterns demand more skill than the exotic, beautifully intricate, traditional salmon flies. The 23 tyers here, from North America, Europe and Japan, speak about their favorite patterns in various tones of angling rapture, but words, even good yarns, never suffice in fishing. Clayton's photographs of these colorful deceptions, ingeniously displayed, best explain the persisting allure of the gloriously extravagant flies. (Aug.)