cover image OOK THE BOOK: And Other Silly Rhymes

OOK THE BOOK: And Other Silly Rhymes

Lissa Rovetch, Chronicle Books, , illus. by Shannon McNeill. . Chronicle, $12.95 (36pp) ISBN 978-0-8118-2660-0

Rovetch (Sweet Dreams Little One) composes repetitive chants around single-syllable words, and the results are as catchy as they are vapid. The author creates names like "Ake the Snake" and "Eep the Sheep" by dropping initial letters. Then she toys with the ones that are left over by substituting new consonants. Title character "Ook the Book" sits down to tea, declaring, "I am Ook,/ Ook the book./ Do you see me in my nook?" Ug the Bug introduces a friend, Glug the slug, and asks, "Do you want a bug slug hug?" Altered words appear in large, bold letters for added emphasis. McNeill (Albert Goes to Town) embraces the nonsensical scenarios with pink skies and lollipop trees; her gouaches present a worm's-eye view of a grassy garden, where the speakers frolic with roly-poly gray rats, picnic-crashing green ants and a mischievous Id the Kid. The artist brings everyone together for a closing spread where "Y the Fly" sniffs, "I will try not to cry./ But my, it's hard to say goodbye!" Compulsive rhymers should proceed with caution—they may launch into an unstoppable word game. Ages 2-6. (June)