cover image Art of Quick Breads

Art of Quick Breads

Beth Hensperger, Chronicle Books. Chronicle Books, $18.95 (144pp) ISBN 978-0-8118-0353-3

Nothing can quite compare to the pride of knowing that by carefully adhering to simple procedures and useful tips one can create a flavorful bread from bare essentials. Hensperger ( Bread and Baking Bread ) challenges anyone and everyone, from the novice to the professional, to not make a perfectly palatable bread or any one of its many derivatives in less than an hour. Her recipes are divided into ``Quick Batter Breads'' (subdivided into muffins, quick loaves, coffee cakes, waffles) and ``Quick Dough Breads'' (scones, soda bread, biscuits, shortcakes). The difference between the two: the latter is stiff enough to be hand-shaped and has a higher percentage of dry ingredients to liquids. Hensperger credits the rapid preparation of her recipes to her use of modern chemical leaveners, primarily baking powder and soda (rather than yeast), which respond immediately to moisture and the heat of the oven. The book boasts full-sized color photographs of finished products that goad the reader into the fun of bread-making. This book is a must-have in every kitchen library. (Apr.)