cover image Fifty Texas Artists

Fifty Texas Artists

Chronicle Books, Annette Carlozzi. Chronicle Books, $18.95 (120pp) ISBN 978-0-87701-372-3

Using the same format as 50 New York Artists (Paperback Forecasts, Sept. 26), this title suffers in a similar way by according an equal amount of space to photographs of the artists as to their work. Nonetheless this book is perhaps more successful than its companion volume because it provides exposure to important regional artists deserving of attention rather than reintroducing the famous and successful. The selections here cover a surprisingly broad range of styles, and the work of Santa C. Barraza, Joe Guy, James Surls and Patricia Tillman, in particular, is noteworthy. Carlozzi's introductory essay provides an enlightening overview of the art community in Texas. (November)