cover image The Candy Cookbook

The Candy Cookbook

Carole Bloom, Chronicle Books. Chronicle Books, $14.95 (120pp) ISBN 978-0-8118-0519-3

Sweet treats in simple shapes-nougats and brittles in coins, balls, squares and logs-form the bulk of the 50 recipes featured by Bloom, a well-known teacher of confectionery arts. Bloom encourages readers to make their own fresh and irresistible candy. To that end, her selections are simple to prepare, requiring only a few exotic items such as edible gold leaf (in the Golden Mocha Palets) or pine nuts (in a sumptuous brittle). Despite the simplicity of the methods employed to prepare these bonbons, Bloom makes the recipes intriguing through unusual flavor combinations, such as a hazelnut and minced apricot confection enrobed in white chocolate, or gingerbread fudge, spicy and moist just like its namesake but requiring no baking. Illustrations by Dan Hubig, a list of mail order sources and tips on techniques and gear supply additional inspiration. (Sept.)