cover image Warriors: The Lost Warrior

Warriors: The Lost Warrior

Rebecca Kai Dotlich, . . Tokyopop, $9.99 (96pp) ISBN 978-0-06-124020-1

B ased on Erin Hunter's popular novel series, Warriors is the story of a wild cat—a real one, as opposed to manga's usual teenaged human wearing a short skirt and kitty-cat ears—who's separated from his family and friends. There are no plot surprises in this story of a lost hero, and the artwork is a literal, workmanlike rendition of cats and dogs in suburbia. Graystripe, the protagonist, is a mighty warrior of the beleaguered Thunderclan, which has recently been threatened by a combination of suburban development and a zealous cat catcher. The story opens with him imprisoned in a strangely seductive suburban home. After briefly succumbing to the charms of soft living as a “kittypet,” Graystripe steels his resolve and vows to make his way back to the wild. Alas, he's lost his edge and finds himself spooked by everything from local bullies to lawnmowers. Luckily, he's joined by a helpful, attractive female sidekick, Millie, who knows her way around the challenges of “Twolegplace.” Many little (and perhaps some larger) girls will find this kitty fantasy irresistible. (May)